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A one-on-one intro class is a great way to get started—90 minutes, no commitment.

We get to learn about you, your experience level, and what interests you. You get to learn something fun!

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Enroll in our year-round classes—you'll develop STEM skills light-years ahead of your peers.

Master the fundamentals, and explore forward-looking specialty tracks that are on the cutting-edge of current technology.

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Try a single introductory class, or learn week after week with simple monthly tuition.

Intro Class

New Students


Try out one of our classes with no commitment. If you want to be extra sure before enrolling, take two.

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Our small class sizes and highly experienced teachers allow us to teach students at a very fast pace, even with just one class per week.

Twice Per Week

11% Discount


Practice makes perfect in the applied disciplines. The more time we can spend with you, the more we can accelerate your learning.

Three Per Week

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Our most motivated students attend 3+ times per week, allowing us to move at a highly accelerated pace, and cover multiple subjects in parallel.

T-Minus 9, 8, 7, ...

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