Learn from the Pros

At Brandt Academy professional engineers pay it forward by sharing their expertise with the next generation.

Creating the technologies of the future is as much a craft as it is a science. We offer our students the unique opportunity to learn applied STEM disciplines from masters of their craft.

4:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

(or better)
  • Our small class sizes offer the ideal mix of individual attention and collaboration, enabling students to learn at their best pace.
  • We're committed to holding no student back, and leaving no student behind.

Grades 6-12

(ages 11-18)
  • We don't teach our students so much as mentor them.
  • We're constantly amazed by what youth can achieve given access to the right education.


(start anytime)
  • Practice makes perfect, so we offer our weekly classes all year long.
  • Technological advancement doesn't take the summer off, so neither do we.