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Learn Technology Engineering from the Pros

At Brandt Academy professional engineers pay it forward by sharing their expertise with the next generation.

Creating the technologies of the future is as much a craft as it is a science. We offer our students the unique opportunity to learn applied STEM disciplines from masters of their craft.

4:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
(or better)

  • Our small class sizes offer an ideal mix of collaboration and individualized instruction, enabling our students to learn at their best pace.
  • We're passionate about making sure no student is ever held back, nor left behind.

Grades 6-12
(ages 11-18)

  • We don't teach our students so much as mentor them.
  • We're constantly amazed by what our nation's young adults can achieve given access to the right education.

$65 / 1.5 Hour Class
(tuition assistance available)

  • As a nonprofit we strive to ensure cost is never the reason a student misses out on the education we offer.
  • Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch, and students attending Tier I schools automatically qualify for our tuition assistance program.